Vacation and Emergency Property Management

We can watch your property for short term situations such as vacation and medical emergency.  

Management Fees for short term management (any maintenance performed is obviously extra):

  • $20 flat fee for 1 to 4 units for up to three weeks.
  • $50 flat fee for 5 to 20 units for up to three weeks.
  • More than 20 units or more than three weeks?  Give us a call.

Maintenance for short term management:

  • We will only do emergency maintenance unless request to do otherwise by you. 
  • Maintenance is billed at our normal labor rates ($13.20 to $34.40 depending on skill level) plus materials at costs.  


  • Two weeks advance notice is great, but we can accommodate you immediately if necessary. 
  • We request authorization to do any work we deem to be an emergency. Your tenants will be told they have to wait for you to return for non-emergency work.
  • This service does not include rent collection, but we can accommodate you if that is needed.  Just call to work out details.
  • We like to have a list of tenant names and phone numbers so we can identify the correct tenant if they leave incomplete messages as well as schedule a maintenance person if needed.

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